• Youth mobility: Maximising opportunities for individuals, labour markets and regions in Europe
  • YMOBILITY involves 9 European countries: Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, UK, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Spain
  • surveys with 30.000 participants and 800 in depth interviews to youths involved in migration

Latest from the Blog

Spheres of Life in Youth Migration Processes

Starting from the quantitative part of D4 from YMOBILITY project, a new paper has been published: Dumitru Sandu, Paula Tufis, 2018, Spheres of Life in Youth Migration Processes: a Multicountry and Multilevel Approach (doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.10337.76649)  ... READ MORE

Articles in daily newspapers

Baláž (IFSAS) – “Imigranti prídu, aby nám pomohli” (Immigrants come to help us). In SME Daily, 23 May 2015, Vol. 23, no 117, p. 11. ISSN 1335-440X Baláž (IFSAS) – “Migranti nie sú... READ MORE

Conferences participation

A brief list of the conferences and congresses paricipations by the YMOBILITY team members.   1)     The UCC team presented a paper entitled “Researching youth migration and labor market mobility in Europe” to the... READ MORE


A series of 15 YMOBILITY movies (in collaboration with Termini TV) were realized: Goodbye London, I go back to Rome From Spain to Rome Returning to live in Rome is hard too I... READ MORE

TV and radio

Here you can find a brief list of the YMOBILITY dissemination activities outputs that were broadcasted on TV and radio. Interview with R. King (SUSSEX), New York Times on European youth mobilities and... READ MORE

Collaboration with other projects

Following the Policy kick off meeting organized by the European Commission/Research Executive Agency in Brussels on 10-11 June 2015, contacts have been established with 7 projects; among those projects: YMOBILITY consolidated a more... READ MORE