• Youth mobility: Maximising opportunities for individuals, labour markets and regions in Europe
  • YMOBILITY involves 9 European countries: Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, UK, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Spain
  • surveys with 30.000 participants and 800 in depth interviews to youths involved in migration

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YMOBILITY final conference at ISTAT

YMOBILITY final conference programme at ISTAT Aula Magna Chairperson: Armando Montanari – Sapienza University – YMOBILITY Coordinator 9.00 – 9.30 Opening remarks Giorgio Alleva, Istat President, Italy Tiziana Pascucci, Deputy Rector, Sapienza University,... READ MORE

ISTAT tweets about YMOBILITY

The President of Italian Statistical Institute ISTAT Prof. Giorgio Alleva published today a Tweet for the YMOBILITY final conference helded at ISTAT headquarter. It is a pleasure to host in #Istat, the final... READ MORE

Slovak team participated on conference in Lisbon

The Slovak YMOBILITY team presented paper titled “lBuilding and Transferring Human Capital via Migration” on the 6th RSEP International Multidisciplinary Conference (1-3 February 2018, Lisbon). The conference was attended by members of international science... READ MORE


The online radio station from Romania – EUROPA FM – uploaded on January 29 an interview by Dumitru Sandu of YMOBILITY Romanian team on migration abroad from Romania that includes a 38 minutes audio... READ MORE

YMOBILITY conference on AGEI newsletter

YMOBILITY final conference has been highlighted on AGEI (Association of Italian Geographers) website and newsletter: http://www.ageiweb.it/eventi-e-info-per-newsletter/15-2-roma-conferenza-internazionale-del-progetto-ymobility-programma-europeo-horizon-2020/ The conference will be helded on 15 February 2018 in Rome at ISTAT Headquarter, Via Cesare Balbo 16. Share on... READ MORE