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Baláž (IFSAS) – “Imigranti prídu, aby nám pomohli” (Immigrants come to help us). In SME Daily, 23 May 2015, Vol. 23, no 117, p. 11. ISSN 1335-440X Baláž (IFSAS) – “Migranti nie sú len ľudia z člnov” (Migrants are no … Continued

Britain does not want any Europeans

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The UK’s Home Office drafted plans for limiting immigration inflows from the EU Member Countries after Brexit. The leaked draft indicates that the Theresa May’s government adopted policy of the “Britain first’. The document explains it in plain language: “Put … Continued

YMOBILITY on “Platinum”

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Monday, July 24, 2017 Il Sole 24 Ore was distributed with PLATINUM supplement in Italian. It was also distributed in English in France, Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium. PLATINUM is the colour magazine directed by “Gruppo 24 ORE”, which illustrates … Continued

Should we stimulate foreign workers?

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This new article by Vladimir Baláž of YMOBILITY Slovak team discusses topics of labour migration to Slovakia. Multinational companies (MNCs) extended their production facilities and ask for investment stimuli. Branches of the MNCs are important contributors to the state budget … Continued

Migrant employment Myths and dry facts

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A new article by Vladimir Baláž compares scientific evidence with myths on migrant employment. Some UK’s tabloids portrait immigrants lazy people, who seek social benefits. Employment rates by migrants from the new Member Countries, in fact, are higher than those … Continued