Migrant employment Myths and dry facts

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A new article by Vladimir Baláž compares scientific evidence with myths on migrant employment. Some UK’s tabloids portrait immigrants lazy people, who seek social benefits. Employment rates by migrants from the new Member Countries, in fact, are higher than those by domestic population. The situation is rather different with refugees and asylum seekers. A report by the European Parliament found, it takes asylum seekers 5-10 years to achieve employment rates similar to those by host country inhabitants. The asylum seekers firstly have to learn language of their host country. Some host countries also introduced legislative burdens for employment of asylum seekers.

Download full article here: Migrant employment Myths and dry facts 10.04.2017 Dennik N Vol 3 No 71 p 11


V. Baláž “Zamestnávanie migrantov: mýty a suché fakty” {Migrant employment[VB1] Myths and dry facts} Dennik N daily, Vol 3 No 71 p 11, 11.04.2017