Multi-Layered Uncertainties of Young ‘Brexiting’ Eastern Europeans in the UK

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A new post has been published on blog by Dr Aija Lulle and Prof Russell King from YMOBILITY UK Sussex team, in a close collaboration with Dr Laura Morosanu, that worked on Eastern Europeans in the UK, Veronika Dvorakova (MA, Sussex) and PhD student Alexandra Bulat (UCL), that acted as research assistants and carried out most of the Slovak and Romanian interviews.

The post says: In our ongoing work about youth spatial mobilities in Europe, we pay special attention to how young people try to generate positive outcomes for themselves, countries and regions in Europe through their own migration experiences. Uncertainty and risk are fundamental to migration and, crucially, we want to know and share knowledge about how young people take care of themselves and others against various adversities along the migration paths. In light of recent events, one of the most relevant questions therefore is: What do young European migrants in the UK think and do in times of uncertainty brought about by the EU Referendum outcome on 23 June 2016? In this blog we invite readers to think about the diffused nature of uncertainty, its possible forms as well as tactical steps taken to resist certain uncertainties in migrants’ daily lives.

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