New article: How did we contribute to Brexit?

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The article by Vladimir Baláž of Slovak YMOBILITY team focuses on causes of Brexit. Many East Europeans do not understand why Britons do not distinguish between immigration from Pakistan and Eastern Europe. The numbers of the EU 8+2 nationals in the UK increased from 0.167 to 1.59 million in period 2004-2015. Large influx of immigrants from the new Member Countries prompted many Britons to reconsider their attitudes towards immigration. Many Slovak people complain about Britons’ attitudes to Easter Europeams. The same Slovaks, however, were not able to digest immigration by some 6 thousands Serbians to Slovakia.

Baláž, V. (2017): Ako sme prispeli k Brexitu? (How did we contribute to Brexit?), in: SME Daily, 25(73): 11, 28 March 2017