New article on Irish national broadcaster RTÉ

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A new article by Piaras MacEinri, from YMOBILITY Irish team, has been published on a new ‘ideas’ wesite of national broadcaster RTÉ and it is trending first of the ‘most read’ category.

It would be an understatement to say that there is a lot of confusion about Brexit. Misleading statements, disputed interpretations, conflicting claims and intermittent warfare are rife – and that’s just the British Conservative Party, although in truth the British Labour Party is equally disunited. Across the political landscape in that country, the subject of Europe is more divisive than at any time since the UK, Denmark and Ireland joined the then six-country EEC in 1973.

The UK’s relationship with its EU neighbours has never been an easy one. Long before Brexit and before it opted not to join the euro, Margaret Thatcher’s “we want our money back” was one of the rallying cries of the early 1980s, as the UK fought a four year battle for an adjustment in its budget contribution. While they won, the tone was set for a relationship with the rest of the EU marked by suspicion on both sides. This was a long time before the victory of the Leave side in last year’s referendum. […]”

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