New article: Why do people migrate and return?

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The article for a Slovak newspaper summarises finding from the Ymobility large-scale survey. The survey found many common motives for migration by young people in nine EU Member Countries. Most young people want to travel, learn foreign languages and explore new cultures. In the same time the survey found some heterogeneity in migration motives. Italy and Spain, for example, accounted for high youth unemployment rates. Young Spaniards and Italians accentuated job opportunities when planning their migration. The eastern European countries were ill-famous for low wages. Young migrants from Latvia, Romania and Slovakia indicated that wage considerations were most important for moving abroad. Finally, survey participants from Germany, Ireland, Sweden and UK indicated that combination of career advancement and better climate was important for migration plans.

Unemployment rates have been decreasing and wages increasing in Slovakia in last three years. Traditional motives for migration (unemployment and wage levels) may diminish in importance for potential Slovak migrants in the future. Career advancement and high-quality education, on the other hand, may be an important migration motive for young Slovak professionals.

Download the PDF scan of the article (in Slovak) here: DennikN5.10.2017

Article information: Baláž, V. (2017): Why do people migrate and return?, Dennik N daily, Vol. 3, no 190, p 11, Thursday 5 October 2017