Science dissemination program at Istituto Colombo (Rome)

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With the collaboration of Colombo Institute teachers, YMOBILITY’s UNIROMA1 research team has launched the executive program for science dissemination.

The mobility experience of young people begins with an exchange that has taken place even before university years. Some twenty students from the last Colombo School classes will travel to London and others in Malta in May for a two-week period within the Alternanza Scuola Lavoro (Alternative School – Work) Programme to follow an information program on the host society’s and to experience the characteristics and organization of the tourist offer.

Young people will be accommodated with families from London and Malta, thus also having greater opportunities to meet their peers. In the program agreed with the Colombo Institute lecturers there is a structured three-step activity. Before leaving, young people conducted a seminar activity based on a questionnaire agreed with YMOBILITY that identifies the problems of a stay in EU country that is in many cases visited for the first time. During their stay, young people have committed themselves to interviews with their peers about how they see Italy and whether they consider the possibility of spending a period of study or work in Italy among their programs. Considering the countries where these young people they have been interested to the perception of the changes and obstacles that may be caused by the application of BREXIT and, at this stage, the uncertainties of its application.

In early June, there will be a further meeting with YMOBILITY to organize a seminar on the experiences gained and the results of staying abroad in relation to the expectations and fears of departure.