Should I stay or should I leave? Latvian and Romanian Youth in Sweden

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Caroline Adolfsson from Malmö University and YMOBILITY Swedish team have participated in the European Immigration Conference in Croatia, presenting results from YMOBILITY project in the article “Should I stay or should I leave? Latvian and Romanian Youth in Sweden“.

The article contributes to understanding intra-EU mobility of young persons. The empirical cases are young persons (18-35 years of age) who move from Latvia and Romania to Sweden. The primary data material is register data of flows and stocks from 1998 to 2014, data that captures all medium and long-term movements. In addition, statistics of student migration captures more short-term mobility. The statistical data is complemented with 41 in-depth interview with young EU-migrants from Latvia and Romania. The findings highlight Latvian and Romanian delayed enterance into the labor market while competing with natives once embedded.


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