Should we stimulate foreign workers?

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This new article by Vladimir Baláž of YMOBILITY Slovak team discusses topics of labour migration to Slovakia. Multinational companies (MNCs) extended their production facilities and ask for investment stimuli. Branches of the MNCs are important contributors to the state budget and the Ministry of Finance is right to provide them with stimuli. The car-making companies, however, cope with lack of labour force in Slovakia. Numbers of foreign workers in Slovak manufacturing industries have been on rise in recent years. Is it right to subsidise work by Romanians, Serbians and Ukrainians in Slovakia? V. Baláž thinks migrant workers pay the same taxes as Slovaks do. By end of the day the investment stimuli and work by foreign workers turns profitable for Slovakia.

Download the full article here: Should we stimulate foreign workers Sme Daily Vol 25 No 86 p 11 2017.04.12