Website activity

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The YMOBILITY website ( presented the project and its partners to the wider public and gave detailed, tailored information on e.g. project progress, activities and results.

The website has been created following the best practice guidelines of the European Commission, all the partners contributed to its technical, administrative and promotional content and was updated regularly.

The website has been operative from 1st of June 2015, and since the first weeks it was updated with new graphical and functional improvements such as the project visual identity, partner teams user access, and so on. The website has been linked also with Google Analytics in order to monitor and to acquire detailed information on website traffic.

Following the inputs received within the First Review meeting and on the basis of the in-depth analysis carried out by V. Voukelatou (UNIROMA1), who took into consideration numerous FP7 and H2020 projects web sites, the project web site was thoroughly reviewed; more in particular, the whole design was restyled with a new, more catching and less institutional appeal. New details on the project were included in the new homepage slider and some Call-to-Action buttons were also included for a better user experience.

During the project duration (1st June 2015 – 1st March 2018), the relevant data on visits to the website are constituted by 25.343 webpages visits in 8.464 sessions by 5.404 unique users with an average time of visit of 2:35 minutes. The visitors are mostly from the countries involved in the project and the top three ranked sources were Italy, United Kingdom and Germany.