YMOBILITY final conference at ISTAT

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YMOBILITY final conference programme at ISTAT Aula Magna

Chairperson: Armando Montanari – Sapienza University – YMOBILITY Coordinator

9.00 – 9.30 Opening remarks Giorgio Alleva, Istat President, Italy
Tiziana Pascucci, Deputy Rector, Sapienza University, Italy
9.30 YMOBILITY – REA´s role in facilitating research to policy transfer Kerstin Wilde, REA European Commission, Brussels
10.00 Presentation of YMOBILITY main outputs Allan Williams, YMOBILITY Team, University of Surrey, UK Williams
10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Session 1 Stakeholders and End Users

11.00 Alternation school work and youth mobility: the Sapienza experience Veronica Lo Presti, Sapienza University, Italy Lo Presti
11.20 Youth mobility and labour market Marie-Claire McAleer, National Youth Council of Ireland, Ireland McAleer
11.40 Youth mobility science dissemination seen from the students C. Colombo institute students and teachers, Rome, Italy
12.00 Research Practice Dialogue – An interdisciplinary network on International Youth Work Nina Festing, transfer e.V. , Germany Festing
12.20 Questions and Answers
13.00 -14.00 Lunch

Session 1 Stakeholders and End Users (cont.)

14.00 Youth mobility science dissemination seen from the students L. Einaudi Institute students and teachers, Rome, Italy Einaudi
14.20 International migration for studies and intentions to return among medical students in Romania Horatiu Rusu, President of the Senate, University Lucian Blaga, Sibiu, Romania Rusu
14.40 Britain, Brexit, Immigration and Employment Seamus Nervin, Head of Policy Research, Institute of Directors, UK
15.00 Governing the European mobility of young people: challenges and opportunities Sveva Balduini, INAPP Istituto Nazionale per l’Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche (Italian Ministry of Labour), Italy Balduini
15.20 Questions and Answers
15.40 Break

Session 2 YMOBILITY Experiences

16.00 Migration is not the only solution Calvin Jephcote and Hania Janta University of Surrey, UK Jephcote Hanta
16.20 Migration is not all about the economy Zaiga Krisjane and Guido Sechi Latvia University, Latvia and Henrik Emilsson MIM, Sweden Krisjane Sechi – Emilsson
16.50 European migration in the face of disruption: BREXIT in context Vladimir Balaz, IFSAS, Republic of Slovakia and Russell King, University of Sussex, UK Balaz – King
17.20 Europe’s new intra-Mediterranean migrations, the role of Italian & Spanish urban areas “allure” Armando Montanari, Sapienza University, Italy and Pablo Pumares University of Almeria, Spain Montanari – Pumares Gonzalez-Martin
17.50 Policies: what have we learnt from YMOBILITY Piaras MacEinri and Orla McGarry University College Cork, Ireland and Kerstin Schmidt and Mustafa Aksakal University of Bielefeld, Germany MacEinri McGarry – Schmidt Aksakal
18.20 Questions and Answers
18.30 End of the meeting