YMOBILITY on “Platinum”

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Monday, July 24, 2017 Il Sole 24 Ore was distributed with PLATINUM supplement in Italian. It was also distributed in English in France, Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium. PLATINUM is the colour magazine directed by “Gruppo 24 ORE”, which illustrates the Italian economic and scientific landscape through its main interlocutors. Research&Innovaztion Session is built around the Institutions, Universities, Research Centres, Technological Platforms and Districts and Italian Enterprises, distinguished by excellence and innovation, in a perfect and unique engagement that highlights a comprehensive national and international framework to create a perfect trade union between research and enterprise, institutions and companies. In the July 2017 edition of “Research & Innovation” section, about thirty EU-funded research projects have been selected. Among them, for Sapienza, the YMOBILITY project (see page 93). Il Sole 24 Ore is a business daily that is published by Confindustria, the Italian employers’ federation. PLATINUM, 140,000 copies printed has been also published in open access mode on line at http://www.platinum-online.com/ in two versions, Italian and English, with content sharing in major social networks for unlimited global communication (photo gallery, possibility of Video-interview and “youtube movie” link to the company website and / or project) and the possibility of downloading the publication in pdf format. Content is also available in compatible format for Tablet and Smartphone.

You can download the English version here: 17_07_24_11 Ricerca&Innov. ENG LUG 2017 1

or the Italian version here: 17_07_24_11 Ricerca&Innov. ITA LUG 2017 1