A series of 15 YMOBILITY movies (in collaboration with Termini TV) were realized:

  • Goodbye London, I go back to Rome
  • From Spain to Rome
  • Returning to live in Rome is hard too
  • I feel discriminated when I go back home
  • Exploring Italy through the eyes of migrants YMOBILITY
  • I was forced to come to Rome but now I love it
  • Being a migrant artists in Rome
  • Bureaucracy and finding work
  • It’s difficult to be recognized as a high skilled
  • My home and my family is now in Rome
  • YMOBILITY: the Institute L. Einaudi
  • YMOBILITY: the Institute C. Colombo
  • A Romanian journalist in Rome
  • Goodbye Rome, I cannot leave Berlin
  • Goodbye Rome, I go back to Bangladesh

The videos can be sees on the TerminiTV website or on the YMOBILITY website under the TV and videos category.