Microsoft and Metaverse Firm Touchcast Join Forces to Revolutionize Car Shopping Experience

• Microsoft’s Chief Strategy Officer Henry Bzeih noted that customers will soon be able to use the metaverse for corporate relationships.
• Microsoft is working on mobility cross-functionality to help customers shop for cars.
• The Fiat model is a result of the collaboration between Microsoft and metaverse firm Touchcast.

Microsoft has recently announced its high hopes for the metaverse in the future. In a talk, Microsoft Chief Strategy Officer Henry Bzeih shared his vision of customers utilizing the virtual arena for corporate relationships, leading to a hybrid prototype.

Bzeih has had a long experience in the automotive and technology space, so his insights are highly valued. He explained that the discussion on the customer experience and feedback must include the utility of the metaverse. Microsoft is working on mobility cross-functionality, which will help modify how customers shop. Rather than having to go to a local dealership to pick out a car, customers can now change the car’s features at the comfort of their own home.

This is made possible through the collaboration of Microsoft and metaverse firm Touchcast. The result of this collaboration is the Fiat model, which is seen as a natural progression by Bzeih. The Fiat model provides customers with an innovative and immersive experience, where they can customize the car to their own liking.

Microsoft’s involvement in the metaverse has been met with much enthusiasm from the public. It is hoped that the metaverse will be able to provide customers with a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience in the near future.