Unlock Digital Change with B4E’s Revolutionary Platform

• Blockchain for Energy (B4E) has launched their own Network & Platform, allowing member companies to build, test and access smart contract solutions.
• The platform provides a secure, collaborative opportunity for digital change within the energy industry.
• B4E also released standard industry grade smart contract templates in October in order to ease adoption and scaling.

Blockchain For Energy Launches Inclusive Platform

Blockchain for Energy (B4E) has launched their own Network & Platform, enabling members of the energy industry to build and access smart contract solutions all in one place. This marks a monumental step towards transitioning to Web3 – a decentralized Internet focusing on blockchain technologies, built by the industry, for the industry.

Platform Offers Secure Collaborative Opportunity

The B4E Network & Platform allows members to build Web3 solutions on top of the decentralized and interoperable platform. Additionally, companies have access to a private sandbox where they can run code and test use cases with their own data. This provides an opportunity for energy industry companies to digitally interact with counterparties in a safe, transparent manner.

Embracing New Solutions

The development and launch of the B4E Network & Platform is part of their mission to lead digital change in the energy sector. In October 2020 they released standard industry grade smart contract templates which eased adoption and scaling within this space. Companies now have access to templates and proven solutions that can be adapted to meet specific needs.

Web3 Technology Options

The B4E Network & Platform mainnet offers enterprise-proven capabilities which provide users with flexibility over what technology options they use on Web3. Additionally having a production infrastructure that is safe, secure, compliant and future proofed ensures that these options are up-to-date as the space continues its evolution into new areas of exploration..

Pushing Boundaries Of Digital Change

B4E’s CEO Rebecca Hofmann said “the Web3 space is moving fast” but remains confident that their platform will enable digital transformation within the energy sector – providing secure collaboration opportunities via value added solutions that push boundaries beyond what was previously thought possible through blockchain technology applications in this space